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If you are browsing the web and a pop up apears saying you computer is infected with all kinds of viruses, take the time to confirm that the pop up is real and from your antivirus software. If the pop up is in a browser windows, like firefox or internet explorer, then its FAKE and its a VIRUS itself! It fools you into believing your computer is infected and once you click on the pop up, it downloads its self to your computer and takes control! There are several different types of these viruses and each on does diffrent things.

What it basically does is it does a fake scan without your promession, then detects thousands of fake viruses, the program’s scam is that the threats it detects cannot be deleted, just found, until you pay for it.  But the Virus scanner does not work, its fake, so you are paying for nothing, a scam!  The worst part of this fake virus scanner is that it tricks Windows Security Center, the error that comes up on the taskbar stating that your computer is not protected.  If you do not pay for this fake virus scanner, it keeps popping up saying that your computer is infected.  It also spoof’s your browser and won’t let you navigate to the web pages you imput into the address bar.

Take a look below to familarize yourself with some of these fake anti-virus programs:

These nasties are hard to remove, and sometimes root themselves so bad in your computer that you have to backup your data and reformat, and re-install your operating system. The best defense against these nasties is to use good judgement. When you see something like this pop up, don’t click it! Instead open your antivirus software and perform a scan get rid it!


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