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With everything and everyone being online, keeping your private personal information away from people you may not want to see it is imperative. People so easily give out their personal information on social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace. This is dangerous because there are plenty of creeps out there that would love nothing more to either steel your identity, bully you, or cause other problems you just don’t want.

So, what can you do to reduce your risk and stay safe online? There are many things you can do and I will go over some of them

  • Create strong passwords to every website you have to log in to. Change them often.
  • Use privacy settings on social networking sites to keep personal information visible to people who you want o see it.
  • Stay away from warez sites, or sites that have illegal software, music, or video downloads.
  • Play it safe and NEVER EVER click on pop ups, if the product or service that pops up is something your interested go to the website directly instead.
  • Only open email from people you know, and always scan the email with a anti-virus program before opening it.
  • Clear your browsers cache and history from computers that are not secured with a log in password.
  • Never do any kind of online banking, trading, or other sensitive activities on public computers.
  • Do not let other people use your computer unless you absolutely trust them.
  • To avoid spam, only give out your email address if you really need to. Don’t freely give it away to website that ask for it or sign up for newsletters.
  • NEVER EVER post any kind of financial information online. You should only do finances with the bank or institution you do business with.
  • Do not respond to SPAM emails, once you do they know your email is active and will spam you even more!

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