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Noreve leather case for HTC Touch Pro

Today I will be reviewing the beautiful Noreve leather case for the HTC Touch Pro. As always, when I buy a new phone I have to get a new case for it, I just don’t feel right if I don’t. Call me weird. I have bought and tried many leather cases for a multitude of mobile devices and time after time again, I find myself coming back to Noreve.

Who is Noreve you might ask? They are an exceptional company that makes custom leather cases and accessories for all kinds of electronics and hand held devices. They are based out of St. Tropez, France and make one exceptional product. In this review I will be discussing the the leather case they make for the HTC Touch Pro and the metal belt clip system they make for their cases.

NOTE: The case comes with a standard plastic swivel clip, the metal clip system is NOT included with the leather case, you must purchase it separately. Believe me, its well worth it as you will see in this review.

Leather Case for HTC Touch Pro

When my case arrived in the mail I was so excited, I owned other Noreve cases in the past and I knew I was in for a real treat. The first thing you will notice when you open the plastic packaging and open the box that contains the case, is this wonderful smell of leather, not cheap leather, high quality leather. You know what that smell is if you ever bought a fine leather wallet or accessory. When you go to the Noreve website, and select this case to purchase, you are given the option of there different leather collections to choose from: Perpetual, Ambition, and Exceptional. Below are brief descriptions of these collections.


This is the basic leather you can choose for your case. There are a wide range of colors to choose from.


This is a more durable choice. The leather has a pebble texture.

From Noreve website:

This pebble grained leather of great quality is known for its durability, due to a polymer film containing pigments. This surface coating allows an enhanced resistance to scratches and discoloration.

It is recommended for intensive use. It is resistant to weathering.


This is the luxury choice. This is leather is sueded for a soft and supple feel.

From Noreve website:

Special oils give the leather its unique extra smooth and weathered finish. Dark vintage, Sandy vintage, Passion vintage & Jean vintage are timeless colors. Their touch and smell are truly luxurious.

True to this unique process, it is important to understand the finished product. The Exceptional vintage is not your normal leather case. We start with exceptional suede…soft to the feel. Colors are combined to form the unique offerings and then the leather is treated in a way to distress the suede giving an old worn look, hence why it is called vintage. The finished product crafts a different look every time. You should expect natural scratches within the leather, markings that look like water spots, and shades of darks and lights throughout.


What comes with the case.

My leather choice was the Ambition Chestnut. I choose this leather type because I needed a durable case and I wanted the leather to stand up to some abuse and resist scratching.  I have used the case for a week now and I have bumped and scraped it on a few things and as you can see from the review pictures, it looks brand new. The quality of the leather is excellent it feels great to the touch and looks great. The workmanship on this case is top notch. There was no loose stitching or hanging treads that I have come across on other cases I have used. When using the phone the case does not hinder it at all, simply fold the top flap around to the back. If you carry this case in your pocket, then you will be pleased to know that this case adds very little bulk to your phone, which is a plus when pocket space is at a premium. The clasps that hold the phone in the case are leather wrapped and will not scratch your device. When I got my case, they were a little loose, so I bent them forward and it held my phone tight and it was hard to shake the device out of the case. The styling is top notch, its fashionable but not gaudy. It looks good on your belt and gives a professional look. Its small foot print makes it harder for it to get in the way of day to day tasks, which is what I like the most about this case.  There are cut outs for all the buttons and ports for the HTC Touch Pro. The device fits like a glove and holds it securely. Noreve also included two pockets for storing additional microSD cards, a handy feature if you like to store programs on one card and pictures on another.


Inside view.


Outside view. NOTE: that the metal stub on this picture is for the Metal Belt Clip system and is NOT included with the case. The swivel gear is included with the case to use with the standard plastic swivel clip.


Bottom view.


Back view.


Open view with HTC Touch Pro aka AT&T Fuze.

Packaged with the case is a small flat head screw driver, the swivel gear, and the attachment plug. To use the swivel clip, simply remove the plug, screw in the swivel gear and slip it on the clip. Noreve’s basic swivel clip is of good quality, but on my last case it broke mainly because I use my case everyday and it gets banged around. Also included, is a plug that will plug the mount hole if you decide not to use the case with a clip. The design of this case is awesome, just look how it holds your phone.

Noreve Metal Belt Clip System:

Because I use my case heavily, I opted for the metal clip system that they offered and its worth its weight in gold. The metal clip is solid, it has some heft to it. It feels like it could take a lot of punishment. Its a simple system that uses a solid metal post that slips into a a solid metal clip, simply rotate it 90 degrees and it locks in place. The combination of this sturdy clip and the tougher leather choice should make this a great system that will keep my phone protected and will last a long time.


The metal clip.


What came in the package, sans the case and device.

In conclusion, if your looking for a great case for your HTC Touch Pro or any other mobile device; then make sure you give Noreve a good look. Their custom cases are high quality and custom made. The addition of the metal clip system will make this great case even better. But this system won’t come cheep, the case is $51.00 and the metal clip system is $17.92 for a total of $68.92. Its not the cheapest option out there but I believe for the quality and workmanship you get and the added benefit of the metal clip, you are defiantly getting your moneys worth.


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