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Like myself, I am sure that there are lots of people who use Windows Live Mail on there Windows Mobile device and I am sure that most people use the mobile site: to check their mail. But, what if you could circumvent all of this and have your mail “pushed” to your device like Microsoft Exchange Server? Well you can, and I am going to show you how.

First, you need to download Windows Live for Windows Mobile, you can find it here. Or direct CAB download.

Second, transfer the CAB file to your device, and use your favorite file explorer program to open the CAB file, follow the install instructions and when your done. Got to Start, Programs and you should see the Windows Live icon pictured below:


Tap or select Windows Live, and go to Menu, Settings, Sync Schedule and select As Items Arrive under Sync frequency. Now email will be sent to your device every time a new email arrives.


If you go to Messaging you will see Windows Live as a new account listed in the Account Picker.


You can also sync your Windows Live contacts as well. I don’t recommend this if you are using Exchange Server on your device. Under Programs, you will also notice that Windows Live Messenger was installed as well, this is nice if you don’t have a multi messenger client already installed on your device.

I wish there was a way to push Gmail to Windows Mobile devices but alas Windows Mobile at its current state does not support the push feature in IMAP that Gmail supports. I can only hope that Windows Mobile 7 will include this update.

NOTE: It seems the only way to get Windows Live Mail added as an account using Pocket Outlook is through downloading and installing Windows Live Mobile. Also it seems its the only way to get it to “push” mail to your device as it comes. I am not complaining, I like the program and the fact that it installs Windows Live Messenger that is usually missing when you get a Windows Mobile device from a carrier. I would not use this program if you do not have a unlimited data plan with your carrier.


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