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I often found it hard in the past to plan out things and get things done. I would put things off, or I would just forget because I didn’t write them down or schedule them. This led to all kinds of problems and productivity was never at its full potential with me. I realized that I had to do something to get myself on track and be more productive in my day to day activities. I started to search around on the internet for any kind of tips or tricks I could use that could help me and what I came across was a method of planning activities and projects that really appealed to me. GTD is the creation of David Allen, author of Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress Free Productivity. I HIGHLY recommend you give this book a good read, and read it more than once so that you really understand how this system works and if its right for you. Once you do, you will find your self more productive and finally being able to get things done!

To implement GTD, I searched the internet for tools that could help me. What I found was a application called Tracks. It pretty much sets up the whole GTD system up for you. You can learn more about it here. As you can see from that link, its pretty difficult to set up tracks on your own and run it from your computer but there is a package you can download that will do it all for you. It allows you to pick the Apache server port and set a user name a password. You can set up the Apache Server so that you can access it anywhere on the web. While I liked this package, which can be found here, I didn’t like the fact that I had to have my computer running 24/7 to access Tracks so I found This place has Tracks all set up, all you have to do is create a username and password and voila! You’re in! Not only that, but it has a mobile site as well, you can’t beat that. I just started using this GTD system, so I haven’t tested it out fully but so far so good.



What I love about this system is that I can input all the tasks, projects, appointments that I have and then schedule them accordingly following GTD’s workflow pictured below. Doing this allows me to be much more productive. It gives me a place to see my work flow, to see what needs to be done now, tomorrow or three years from now. It utilizes a Tickler so that I will be reminded to attack the task again later on if I have to defer it. You can read more about Tickler Files here. I use Exchange Server to input all my Tasks and Calendar appointments so that I have the with with me where ever I go.


If GTD interests, you search the web. You will find all kinds of information on GTD, how to use it, tweaks, and tips on making it fit your lifestyle. I highly recommend Lifehacker, they constantly post GTD tips and tricks.


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