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Up for review for today is the new Plantronics Voyager Pro. I have owned many of Plantronics Bluetooth headsets and I have to say this one by far is my favorite. I previously owned a Voyager 510 and I liked it very much. The sound quality was good and it always kept a connection with my phone unlike other bluetooth headsets I have owned. But with all things, there were some quirks with the 510 that irked me a bit. For one, the power button was very small and hard to press with my fat fingers. Two, the headset had a tendency to fall out of my ear if I turned my head left or right to much, which really annoyed me.

The short comings of the Voyager 510 seem to have been addressed in the Voyager Pro. The power button is larger and easier for me to press, it doesn’t want to fall out of my ear when I turn my head left or right, and it just looks a lot better. As for comfort, I barely even know its there, it fits comfortable on my ear, and I wear glasses mind you, and I don’t have any discomfort after wearing it here for the last 3 hours. The sound quality is excellent, just as I would expect from a Plantronics product. The Pro, in my opinion, defiantly had a better sound quality than the 510 and that is saying a lot considering the 510 had very good sound quality. The pro introduces a new microphone technology, AudioIQ Noise Canceling that uses two mics for better sound reception. The boom features WindSmart screens to shield the mics from wind noise.

I decided to do a test with the Voyager Pro, I tested it against the Voyager 510 and the 520. I called several people and during the call I changed headsets starting with the Voyager Pro, then the 510 and finally the 520. From my end of the conversation the Pro and the 520 had the better sound and was loud and clear and not muffled. The 510 had very good sound quality its just that the Pro and 520 were better. Out of all the people I called, which was 10, 8 of them said my voice sounded the best, was clearer and less muffled with the Pro compared to the 510 and the 520. To me, that’s is significant normally I get 50/50 between the 510 and the 520 when performing this test but it was apparent that the Pro won hands down. The quality of the Voyager Pro is superb. It just feels nice in your hands. It feels solid and seems to be constructed well. Its light weight, far lighter than the 510 but heavier than the 520.

Weight Comparison:

Voyager 510: 0.7oz
Voyager Pro: 0.6oz
Voyager 520: 0.6oz

Cost Comparison (from

Voyager 510: $99.95 (can be found cheaper)
Voyager Pro: $99.95 (can be found cheaper)
Voyager 520: $99.95 (can be found cheaper)

Even though the Pro weighted the same as the 520, it still felt lighter to me, go figure. What I really like about the Pro is its styling, it screams professional and it looks great with my HTC Fuze! Yeah yeah I know its not that important but I am throwing it out there. Most people don’t like ugly bluetooth headsets. I also like how the buttons are laid out on the Pro. The volume buttons are easy to access when the device is on my ear and, the “connect button” on the boom is easy to find and it doesn’t require me to push too hard to answer it. To be honest, I love this headset. It works great for me and even though its bigger than most other bluetooth headsets, it sure does the job well and in the end that’s all that matters.


What came in the box, sans HTC Fuze 🙂






Comparison of the Voyager Pro and Voyager 510


Front of the headset.

Back of the headset.

Do you own a Plantronics Voyager class headset? Do you own the new Pro? If so chime in I’d love to hear your thoughts.


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