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I don’t know about you but I have a few old, and barely used flash memory cards. I have a 1GB SanDisk Utra and a 2GB Olympus xD card. I recently read that Windows Vista is capable of taking a memory card or a memory stick (basically anything that uses a flash chip rather than hard drive) and using it as computer memory. This feature is called ReadyBoost. Don’t know what ReadyBoost is? Check out this article on Wikipedia. If you have a piece of memory that qualifies for ReadyBoost, then all you need to do is go to Computer, right click on the letter of your flash card or memory stick, select Properties, select the ReadyBoost tab, slide the slider to the amount of space you want the cache file to be for ReadyBoost (Hint: below the slider Windows will recommend how much to use for optimal performance), then click OK. There you have it, what a great way to get use out of memory cards you may not use anymore.

NOTE: ReadyBoost only gives significant performance increases if your computer is running 1GB of memory or less. Windows Vista is only capable of using one flash memory for ReadyBoost at a time, although Windows 7 will support multiple devices.

1GBreadyboost [800x600]


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