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I have always like having the ability to bring life out of old things that I thought didn’t serve a purpose anymore. Take for an example a charging/sync cradle that I had for my old AT&T Tilt. I recently got a new HTC Fuze and the cradle was not compatable with it, that sucked because those cradles aren’t cheep and I didn’t want to dish out the money to buy a new one. So, I looked the cradle over and decided to take the bottom piece off. What I found was that the USB connector that protruded out of the the cradle was screwed in so that it just sat in place. I took it out and realized that if I extended the hole that the connector came out of more the the left that I could center it and superglue it in place. The end result? A brand new (well almost) charging and syncing cradle for my HTC Fuze!



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